bee pest control

Pest Control and Bee Removal

Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem but can also become a problem when they decide to take up residence in structures or yards. While a bee sting is harmless (if a little painful) for most of us, those with allergies are at greater risk when a hive is nearby. Swarms of bees can also be extremely dangerous.

If you have a bee problem in or near your home, it is not recommended to attempt to remove the bees or the hive on your own. Bees can easily become aggravated when they feel their queen or hive is being threatened and will swarm and go on the attack. Just one bee sting sends a chemical message to other bees that there is danger nearby and can lead to swarming.

Not having the right equipment and protective gear puts you at risk of getting stung multiple times. A bee can only sting once and will then die but a swarm will result in many stings. This causes an accumulation of poison from the stings that can have severe side effects and may even be fatal.

It is highly recommended to call pest control services that specialize in bee removal. Keep in mind that not all pest control service providers specialize in bee removal and this can result in a number of problems. A major problem is that they do not remove the hive and queen effectively meaning that your bee problem has not been eliminated.

Another problem with not using bee experts is that the pest control services will use toxins and pesticides to eliminate the bees permanently. This is not ideal because bees play such a vital role in our ecosystem. They are the main source of pollination for most plants (including agricultural species) whose continued existence relies on the bees.

Humane bee removal relocates bees to an appropriate location. Most commonly, a beekeeper will take the bees in order to support their commercial prospects including honey and beeswax. Bees may also be relocated to farms or farming communities where they will continue to provide their essential pollination services.

Expert bee removal services will also ensure that all the bees have been successfully relocated to prevent a new hive from springing up. No harm will come to the bees while ensuring that your home and property are 100% bee-free and that there is no likelihood of the bees returning.